Critical Education

Yesterday’s Budget Statement had a bit to say about universities.

The headline stories will be about funding for research and innovation including a centre for research in aerodynamics, two new catapult centres for Transport Systems and Future Cities: “These will bring together world leading IT companies, innovative SMEs and leading universities to commercialise technologies that will increase efficiency and improve the quality of life for transport users and city residents.”  There is also £100 million for new university research facilities designed to attract ‘co-investment’ from the private sector (§2.32).  This may tie-in with January’s announcement from David Willetts about new private postgraduate and research ‘universities’ .

 Tucked away in the passages on VAT reform are two further references which are likely to have more profound long-term implications.

 One is familiar:

2.191 VAT: cost sharing – Following the announcement at Autumn Statement 2011 the Government will introduce a VAT exemption for services…

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  1. PE says:

    How does this relate to entrepreneurship? Andrew’s analysis shows how the UK’s Con-Lib government interprets and enacts the “entrepreneurial state.” Entrepreneurship is to be encouraged by creating a ‘level playing field’ between universities and private providers of higher education. Except that as Andrew points out, this is a false equivalence as those two types of entities are not commensurable in terms of the criteria of competitiveness that matters for this market.

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