Senior Lecturer/Lecturer post in Entrepreneurship at Bournemouth University

Some lecturer/senior lecturer opportunities in the Business School at Bournemouth University:

Senior Lecturer/Lecturer in Entrepreneurship

Senior Lecturer in Strategy

Senior Lecturer/Lecturer in Marketing

Closing date: 25 April 2012.

CfP: Creating Opportunities through Innovation

The deadline for ISBE 2012 Conference Abstract submission has been extended to Monday April 23rd.

Creating Opportunities through Innovation: Local Energy, Global Vision

DUBLIN, Ireland. 7th-8th November 2012

Call for papers

We invite you to submit an abstract and share your research, thinking and findings. We welcome Academic Research Papers (either refereed or working), Practitioner Papers and Case Studies for presentation at the conference in the following tracks:

·         Business Creation, Resource Acquisition & Business Closure

·         Business Support Policy and Practice

·         Creative Industries Entrepreneurship

·         Critical Perspectives on Entrepreneurship

·         Entrepreneurial Learning in Organisations

·         Enterprise Education

·         Entrepreneurship in Minority Groups

·         Family Business

·         Finance, Venture Capital, Taxation & Regulation

·         Gender and Enterprise

·         ICT, IT and E-Business in the Small Firm Sector

·         International Entrepreneurship

·         Networks, Innovation and Resource Acquisition

·         Rural Enterprise

·         Science and Technology

·         Social, Environmental and Ethical Enterprise

Neil Fligstein on sociology of entrepreneurship

From an interesting interview with Neil Fligstein (in The Browser), which he ends by reflecting on the future of economic sociology (though he is a bit harsh on economics :)

There’s a lot of interest in entrepreneurship, how new markets come into existence and their resemblance to social movements. Economics has almost nothing important to say about entrepreneurship and a lot of what’s being said about entrepreneurship comes from sociology.

Business schools are increasingly interested in applied economic sociology. Entrepreneurial studies are based on economic sociology. Courses on marketing and branding are infused with economic sociology. The main way in which economic sociology finds its way into the mainstream is through business studies and network analysis. And as for the dismal science of economics, I think reality undermines it every day without this assistance of sociologists.

Make sure to check out the rest of the interview as well, in which Fligstein discusses five of his most favourite economic sociology books (by Zelizer, Granovetter, Dobbin, Bourdieu and MacKenzie).