ISBE Workshop: Entrepreneurial Learning in Organisations

ISBE Entrepreneurial Learning in Organisations Workshop, Monday 25th June 2012,  Manchester Metropolitan University Business School. Apply here (cost: Cost: £70 – ISBE member; £90 – Non-member).

This workshop launches a new ISBE Special Interest Group (SIG), which focuses on understanding and seeking insights into entrepreneurial learning with an organisational context. The key focus of the group will be on how entrepreneurial learning happens within organisations, key factors and influences, whether in SMEs or in larger organisations.

The current governmental focus on growth assumes that small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) will drive the economy forward; but how do business owners develop entrepreneurial skills to grow their companies? In larger and in third sector organisations, how do managers develop entrepreneurial approaches to innovate in changing economic times? If individuals go through a process of ‘becoming’ in developing as entrepreneurs, how does learning form part of this process?

This first workshop welcomes those studying aspects of entrepreneurial learning in organisations, with travel bursaries for 6 PhD students exploring related areas (please apply early for these!). The focus of the meeting will be to reflect on areas of current and future research in this space in our brand new Business School.

Possible areas of interest might include, but are not limited to:

• What is entrepreneurial learning?
• How entrepreneurs learn within their organisations,
• Impacts on organisations of entrepreneurial learning; do organisations learn to be entrepreneurial?
• SME owners and organisational managers – how can they encourage entrepreneurial learning in their firms?
• Entrepreneurial learning – organisation wide or individual progression?
• Learning in the process of business failure and enterprise renaissance
• Growth and entrepreneurial learning; gazelles – nurture or nature?
• Knowledge enactment as part of entrepreneurial learning
• Entrepreneurial learning, SME development and government policy
• Research methodologies and methods to understand entrepreneurial learning
• Impacts on SME education and training of entrepreneurial learning research


10am- Registration and coffee

10.30am- Welcome and Introduction (Professor Lynn Martin)

10.40am- ‘How do entrepreneurs learn and share learning? (Professor David Rae)

11.10am- Practitioner perspective about entrepreneurial learning in organisations (John Leach, Winning Pitch)

11.40am- Coffee

11.50am- Discussion within small groups (based on delegates’ specified areas of interest)

12.20pm- Group feedback and discussion (Facilitated by Professor Pauric McGowan)

12.45pm- Lunch

1.30pm- Session with leaders of small businesses (facilitated by Jonathan Lawson)

2.15pm- Coffee

2.20pm- Coping with resource constraints and uncertainty: purposeful entrepreneurial learning (Professor Ossie Jones)

2.40pm- Discussion in small groups: What have we learned?
• Exploring common views and gaps
• How do we take this forward?

2.55pm- Close (Professor Pauric McGowan)


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