Entrepreneurial Learning and Education – Research Seminar

Entrepreneurial learning is a field that has emerged at the intersection of entrepreneurship studies and organisational learning in the past decade. I’ve become interested in this area because my current research is partly a study of entrepreneurial peer-learning groups. While the majority of this literature considers entrepreneurial learning as a cognitive activity (see my recent literature review), there have also been attempts in recent years to consider the role of artefacts in the organisational learning of small firms, such as Jones, O., Macpherson, A., et al. (2010) “Learning in Owner-Managed Small Firms: Mediating Artefacts and Strategic Space” and Macpherson, A., Kofinas, A., et al. (2010) “Making Sense of Mediated Learning: Cases from Small Firms.”

The Entrepreneurship Special Interest Group at the British Academy of Management is putting on a research seminar entitled “Entrepreneurial Learning and Education: From Theory to Practice,” with contributions, among others, by the above-mentioned Ossie Jones, so  the above topic of the role of objects in learning is likely to come up. I’m planning to go to this one. Here are the details:

Entrepreneurial learning and education are vital enablers for enterprise and innovation. The need for universities to teach students how to be entrepreneurial, seize opportunities, and turn ideas into action is at the top of national education agenda. There is also an increasing interest in scholarly research on entrepreneurial learning in the past decade. Understanding what and how entrepreneurs learn not only helps to advance entrepreneurship as a field, but also helps us to reflect on entrepreneurial education. This seminar will seek to identify themes of past research and challenges for the future. It will also engage in the discussion and debate on how to link entrepreneurship theory with practice and experience, as well as the role of academics in entrepreneurship education.

27th May 2011, 1.30pm-5.10pm, University of Westminster, London